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 Online Defensive Driving - Fast and Convenient!

Finally, Ticket Dismissal Without the Headaches

So, as it turns out, those guys with the funny lights on top of their cars are serious about you driving the speed limit on the 'ol 610. Now, after the little meeting you had with that nice officer, you have a little ticket you'd like to see go away. don't fret, we've got you covered!

If you have taken defensive driving in the past, you may remember the beating of finding a school or location that offered a classroom version of the course. Good news! Those days are gone. You don't have to burn up a Saturday to drive to classroom then sit there for 6 hours straight. In fact, with our available FREE audio, we'll even do the reading for you! Get that Houston traffic ticket gone in a when and where that works for you. Enjoy the great benefits that come from taking your defensive driving course online. With an online course - 

    -   You don't go to a classroom, the classroom comes to you
    -   You don't rearrange your life to fit in a course, you rearrange the course to fit yours
    -   You control when, where and how you take the course.

Defensive Driving for Houston

By state law, drivers are allowed to take a defensive driving course to dismiss a ticket once every twelve months. The course we offer is 100% approved by the TEA and TDLR. When you finish your course, Certificate of Course Completion that you will receive is accepted by all Texas courts to dismiss your traffic ticket.

Save Money with Defensive Driving 

It's true that most people take defensive driving to dismiss a ticket, but not all. Ticket or no, there are good reasons to take this driver safety course. Most auto insurance companies offer some sort of "safe driver" discount for individuals who have completed a course like this one. Check with your agent to get information about the policies on your policy.

If you are the one who got the ticket, encourage your husband or wife to join up, too. That way you have someone to share your pain and both of you can enjoy the savings. The insurance savings will pay for the course (often many times over) and you might make enough to cover the court fees from the ticket, too. 

The benefits of a defensive driving course extend beyond ticket dismissal and insurance savings. Studies have shown that drivers have fewer accidents and suffer less injuries when they have completed a defensive driving course in the previous twelve months. No ticket, money in your pocket and fewer dents and bruises. Why wait for that kind of win-win-win?

Never Fear - We're Always Here

We believe that a great course should come with great customer service and we're standing by to guarantee it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know you're in a hurry to get that certificate so that you can get it to the court, so we're not going to make you wait. If you finish your course by 3PM any weekday, your certificate will be on its way via USPS, absolutely FREE. Need it sooner? Choose from one of the expedited delivery options offered for your convenience.

If you have any questions that arise before, during or after your course, whether it's at two in the afternoon or at two in the morning, we're just a phone call or email away. We don't want to slow you down in your quest to make that ticket disappear.​

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